Parodies, homage and some life support to Rock and Roll.

If you were a ‘Who’ fan like myself you might be familiar with the lyrics from their tune; ‘Long live rock!’. The song for me makes a person and especially a rock fan wonder if rock will survive all the genres and facets of modern music. This was my music growing up and me saying so at this point I’m sure gives some impression of my age. But I digress; rock music as we’ve known it growing from the vinyl LP years to CD to digital downloads has been through a huge amount of ups and downs, not to mention the competitive genres that seem to be incriminating the taste of young people and what is listened to by the latest concert going groups of today. Oh yes you can still go see, as they call it; ‘Classic Rock’ groups that still tour and still a bit of it is still made. But let’s face it… sadly, it’s past it’s prime and we’re not likely to see another Freddie Mercury, Prince or Jimi Hendrix and the talented recordings they made that have stood the test of time… thus far. 

So the pursuit of artwork depicting rock through parodies is meant to be a comical point of view and instead of simply reproducing screen printed art on shirts that would basically replicate and literally rip off the major groups with more ‘bootleg’ material, I’ve chosen to take a new point of view on the stuff that’s been all too familiar over the years and add some interest mixed with some somewhat humorous effects thrown in for the knowledgeable and open minded. Rock on folks and enjoy! …Clear!!! Ba-ooom! (the sound of resuscitation). 

Rock still has some life left! Long Live Rock!

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