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1 ~ Choose your garments, their sizes and colors suitable for your printed idea.

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2 ~ Send in your art files and/or consult with designer for the best stand-out design.

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3 ~ Order is placed, your garments are printed and your agreed upon deadline met.

4 ~ Constant contact is kept so
you'll know when your order is ready for pick-up, delivery or shipped.

Bring it on... quality, name brand shirts with your design, idea or logo

Get a quote from a selection of garments at your level.     Economy ~ Standard ~ Premium

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The nicest 'HAND FEEL' for a lasting part of the shirt!

Option of Waterbase or Plastisol Inks

Waterbased inks are a good choice when a ‘soft hand’ is desirable. A soft hand is where the ink is a soft feel with your hand when passed across the surface of the printed design. After one wash the design on the garment can often feel undetected and part of the shirt itself.  Waterbased ink soaks into the garment when printed, while the commonly used Plastisol ink tends to be more on top of the garment and leaves a more ‘plasticky’ feel, but is long-lasting when heavily washed. 




Design & Color Matching

An expert in the field of graphic arts and printing with 20+ years of experience.

Dr. Tee’s works with a wide selection of ink colors on hand in both waterbase and plastisol depending on the ‘substrate’ or cloth being printed on. As well as additives and effects for the softest, bling-est, or brightest, to wow your customers, clients, and friends!


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Color matching to your heart’s desire, using high quality Wilflex Plastisol or Matsui Waterbase inks.


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Customer Advantages:

  • Get the Benefit of a Low Overhead Business
  • Accommodating Personal Customer Service
  • Work with a Professional, Experienced Designer/Printer in the Print Industry
  • Quick Turnaround Time to Match your Deadlines
  • Color Matching to Anything
  • Pick from Top Brand Garments
  • Pick Plastisol or Waterbased Inks

Custom design work to accommodate your one of a kind idea or logo

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Choose from youth sizes from the top brands, In the best comfort and colors!

Get the kids having fun in comfort!
Youth sizes can be printed with waterbase ink for comfort that won’t sweat or scratch.  

If you have an event or group outing Dr. Tee’s can help the good day feel even better.