Make use of an experienced graphic artist. Dr Tee’s can design your logo or idea for your shirt design to your satisfaction.

We will get on developing your brilliant thought for a 1-8 color design with a deposit after the estimate is provided.

Design your logo or idea for your shirt design. Ink, Shirt, color, and timing are essential. We will consult with to pick the proper garments to compliment your design. Next we can go on to pick the type of ink (Waterbase or Plastisol) you would like to use on what type of garment (Hanes Red t-shirt 100% for example). We can tell you what type of ink will be best for your design and garment. Do you need your ink colors to match something? We can do accurate color matching using the Pantone® Matching System.

The first 30 minutes are free.

After that our design charges are $20 per 30 min. thereafter. Fast and efficiently. It helps to work under a roof that provides less overhead expense to our customers. When you provide artwork you will usually not have a charge as long as the images are high enough resolution for a suitable print on the garment.

25 years in the printing trade. Visit the portfolio of our professional screen printing designer.

It’s no problem working with Dr. Tee’s to help you with your custom design and make it print spectacular onto garments. Your artwork can be set up for screen printing or embroidery. We strive for good communication in customer service to provide you with the best outcome.

We also can design and print your Business Cards, Postcards, Flyers, and Ad spaces.

Skilled in the appropriate software and experience for print design, we know we can give you what you want to show the world. Whether it be to sell your artwork and designs on garments, provide for your event, push a street brand, show off your music group or give your employees logo shirts for your business.

Consultation with you.

Once we know where this is all headed we can discuss your design. Good communication is key for us to have an understanding of what you are looking to get as a final result. We acknowledge you and need your approval every step of the way.

Designing it yourself?

The best direct outcome for screen printing is to have it designed in a vector program like Adobe Illustrator, to retain crisp edges without the need for us to tweak it for quality printing. This works the best to achieve a quality print that will look great and can be rescaled to any size. Providing us with the highest resolution image if you are providing a bitmap file that isn’t a vector file. 

Dr Tee’s & Screen Printing can get you to the best looking image on your garments.

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