Good graphic design comes not only from technical know-how but from a deep understanding of how to bring out a topic with feeling and emotion.

Dots and Distresses

  Upon investigating the various ways of implementing halftone dots and distress effects within Photoshop, there are a few good ways I've learned that work. Of course, you should be pretty well versed in the tools, effects, and brushes that can be added. To have a fair handle on Photoshop would be advised for this article. Or at least the desire…


Designing your idea

Make use of an experienced graphic artist. Dr Tee’s can design your logo or idea for your shirt design to your satisfaction. We will get on developing your brilliant thought for a 1-8 color design with a deposit after the estimate is provided. Design your logo or idea for your shirt design. Ink, Shirt, color, and timing are essential. We…


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