Waterbase Ink or Plastisol Ink?

Considering water-based inks over plastisol inks on your screen-printed garment? If you want to consider water-based ink over plastisol for your screen-printed garments? Here are several reasons to choose water-based inks: Eco-Friendly and Sustainable: Water-based inks are more environmentally friendly than plastisol inks. They are free of harmful chemicals such as phthalates, PVC, and formaldehyde. Water-based inks are typically biodegradable,…


Testimonial from a Happy Customer & Chiefs Fan

A tribute to a Kansas City Chiefs fan with a shirt design - by Brieanna Botello My dad, Scott Anthony Burson was born on February 25th, 1962. He was born and raised in Kansas City Mo, so naturally A HUGE CHIEFS FAN!! We grew up having a “red room” With darts, a bar area, ski ball, all kinds of games,…


Anniversaries and Reunion Shirts

Loving family is found in celebrations when you can get together for the major events in life! Whether celebrating life and all the great experiences or on an anniversary or birthday, screen-printed garments are always a hit! Have T-shirts with your special people printed on them become a memorable moment at the event that the family can take home as…


Dots and Distresses

  Upon investigating the various ways of implementing halftone dots and distress effects within Photoshop, there are a few good ways I've learned that work. Of course, you should be pretty well versed in the tools, effects, and brushes that can be added. To have a fair handle on Photoshop would be advised for this article. Or at least the desire…


People Power

  The Power of the Print is... Bringing people together is one spectacular use of a great print for your business. A holiday party! One great way to boost company morale and give a memorable token of a successful group! Whether for a group of kids or a group of adults, T-shirts are loved by all!


Designing your idea

Make use of an experienced graphic artist. Dr Tee’s can design your logo or idea for your shirt design to your satisfaction. We will get on developing your brilliant thought for a 1-8 color design with a deposit after the estimate is provided. Design your logo or idea for your shirt design. Ink, Shirt, color, and timing are essential. We…


The ballpark price syndrome

Can you give me a ballpark price? 

It’s a confusing feeling I have when someone wants screen-printed shirts and the first thing they say is; Can you give me a ballpark price? Well “no” is my desired response, but “I believe I can hit it into center field!” Consider comfort and quality in your garments first. • Comfort - Hitting…


The 9 down and dirty in-shop steps it takes to get your custom screen printing out the door.

Properly meshed screens with varying size openings, tightly stretched onto frames are coated with the best emulsion available for efficiency and hard edge lines.Holds up for mass quantities of shirts. The emulsion is photosynthesized for exposure by light and in the case of the in-house exposure unit at Dr. Tee’s Design & Screen Printing, equipped with LED lights for fast…


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